Getting to the Rendezvous Point

The story so far...

The party leaves Tromso under Commander Vargus and Lieutenant Kalf Forkbeard. They are to meet another party at Black Crow Pass in two days, from there they will journey into the hills and raid any monster lairs they encounter. They are to eradicate any and all monsters to that the citizens of Vestland will be safer.

Day 1: Trek across open farmland. Early afternoon encountered guard wolves who watched the party from the tree line. Kraken communed with the wolves and told them to alert the Giants that the party is on their way.

Day 2: Following the forest trail the party is stopped by a large tree blocking the path, they are then ambushed by 3 ogres and 2 black bears. They find a full water skin, 6 large caltrops, and an iron cooking pot.

Day 3: The party comes across a broken bridge over the river and spend several hours rearranging the boards so that the animals can pass.

Day 4: A couple hours after the party sets off for the day they come across a ruined campsite in a recessed cavern. Upon inspection the party is assaulted by a lone Hill giant and his pet Dire Wolf. In the ruined campsite they find the remains of three humans, 3 helms, 2 battle axes, 600 cp, a potion of blue liquid, a potion of Orange sludge, a pair of Black leather bracers, a circle shield of Clan Tromso, and 8 pounds of burnt meat.

Later that day the scouts alert the party to a pair of Mountain Lions feasting on a dead black bear and a dead human up ahead on the road. The party defeats the lions and examines the bodies, they determine that both died within the last 2 days but there is no equipment nearby. The human has been stripped of all equipment, weapons, and identifying items such as clan jewelry or embroidered clothing. He has a tattoo on his arm that is unfamiliar to everyone. Kraken communes with the fallen human, they learn that the he was a soldier in the squad they were to rendezvous with and that the previous night the camp was ambushed by giants and dire wolves, he fled down this path while being chased by the bear. He does not know what happened to his equipment, but the bear was obviously killed by a battle axe. The party brings the body with them in the cart.

Just before night fall the party exits the forest and arrives at the Rendezvous Point. They find the obvious remains of a campsite, large enough to hold the eight man squad they were to meet up with. At first glance it appears the camp was abandoned days ago with no unusual activity. Upon closer look, there are a large amount of giant and wolf tracks covering the area, as well as scraps of cloth and a few trinkets that fell on the ground. To any military personal it is easy to ascertain that the camp was taken down very rapidly and improperly, and an attempt was made to make it look unsuspicious. There is no blood to be see however. Tracks lead toward the path the PC’s arrived on, likely belonging to the human and bear they passed earlier. Most of the tracks lead toward the South West.

Day 5: The party follows the tracks of the Giants and within two hours they find a large clearing with a Scouting Encampment set up. The clearing is an obvious battle site with three dead humans, six dead Dire Wolves, and two dead Hill Giants. Searching the area the party finds that the humans had been tied up but cut themselves loose to attack the Giants. All of the equipment that the squad had was in a large pile, tents still had poles and stakes attached as If they had been plucked out of the ground. Broken branches and blood lead a clear path South West on the trail. A couple hundred yards down the trail they find a dead human and the severed arm of a Giant. The trail becomes very clear here due to the amount of blood from the Giant’s wound.

[Here ends the previous session]


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